Josefina Morande, Diseño Grafico, Maquillaje, Pelo, Peinados, Imagen, Moda, Ventas, Tendencias, Asesoría de Imagen, Personal Shopper



Graphic Designer, Universidad del Desarrollo, graduated with maximum distinction.


I began my career as a makeup artist in 2012, as an apprentice to the well known Chilean professional Catalina Correa. 

Later that year, alongside working as a professional makeup artist,

I expanded the scope of my services by successfully concluding a Professional Hairstyle program (Barbara Meza) and a Braids Workshop (Constanza Montenegro).



Early in 2014, aiming to further develop my skills and enhance my knowledge of new makeup techniques, I moved to BA and completed a

course on professional makeup, airbrush and FX, in Glam Makeup Studio.


During that time, I also attended Espacio Buenos Aires, a widely recognised institution for its training in fashion, arts and design,

where I studied Hairstyle and, eager to reach a better understanding

of image and fashion, took courses on Image Consulting and Fashion Management.



I arrive in London later in 2014 and enrolled myself in the prestigious AOFM academy. After going through training in hair, airbrush, FX, nails, body painting, social makeup and fashion, I was certified as a ‘Complete Artistic Pro Specialist’.


During 2015 I’ll be studying at the University of the Arts London, focusing in Editorial Styling, Creative Direction and Personal Styling. 

This will be an excellent opportunity to continue improving my skills and enriching my knowledge about image, color behaviour, fashion and makeup.



My experience covers social and bridal makeup, hairstyle and fashion photo shoots. Complementary to this, I’ve worked as image consultant

and organiser of clothing sales, which take place several times a year.


I’ve also worked in the highly demanding English market, mainly doing photo shoots as well as makeup. I was selected as a backstage makeup artist for the London Fashion Week(Feb-2015).



Understand personal image as a whole, which is transmitted through our character and attitudes, the colours we wear, cuts we use and clothes

we choose.


Be at the forefront of makeup techniques, styling and fashion.


Use high quality products.


Being constantly learning and improving.


Share my knowledge to others; Through out my work, courses and workshops.

"Image is my passion. All what’s projected in colors, textures and shapes. Whether it’s in the fields of graphic design, personal styling or fashion." 


"I've always seen makeup and its industry as an art field that continuously evolves, and so, the need to be under permanent training and constant improvement."